Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From Drab to Fab: A $150 Bathroom Makeover

There is so much about my house that I love: the character, the wonderful view of the yard from the back window, and it's original fireplace. But there were also some things I disliked. There was nothing I hated more than my bathroom floor.

Yes, that is some lovely school house vinyl right there. And yes, those floors have been scrubbed with all sorts of cleaning products . . . the dirt just wouldn't budge. I put up with this awful floor for 3 years.

I tended to try to combat the floors by covering them with as much rug as I could. Lucky for me, we found some ceramic tile for an unbeatable price at Menards and my amazing father was willing to give up many hours of his free time to come and tear this crappy floor up and install my new fabulous floor. I cannot thank him enough for the aches and pains he endured to make my house perfect! Am I lucky or what?

I was working on a budget so I knew I would not be able to replace the furniture but, all the items in the bathroom had been painted over (whether by the previous owners or the bank that foreclosed on the house). And I must say, poorly painted over. There were paint drips all over and it was such a blah brown. To top it off, on spots they missed you could see they never even sanded the beautiful cherry stained wood . . . why, oh why was it painted over?

So my dad pulled all of this out for me ahead of time and I was able to sand and re-paint . . . hence how we could re-do so much for just $150. I used only a quarter of a quart of paint and a little bit of my Polycrilic. The biggest cost on the cabinetry was the handles . . . which I got from Hobby Lobby! 

Now you see a little of my laziness . . . I have yet to add the handles to the wall cabinet. 

My dad removed and installed the new floor and he did a phenomenal job . . . I am finally loving my bathroom!

Notice the downgrade in the amount and the size of rugs. I am no longer ashamed to allow guests to use my bathroom!

Thanks again Dad for everything you have done to help make the house just what I had hoped it would be! 

Goes to show that you can make anything look good, even on a budget. Get creative and don't be afraid to do it yourself! Please let me know your greatest budget remodel in the comments section.
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