Monday, May 28, 2012

A Perfect End to a Thrifty Weekend

" . . . but I am sure some more thrift finds are not too far away!

Not far away indeed! More like just a few doors down from my own front door. What better way to wrap up a thrifty weekend then with the word FREE! Driving home from the grocery store today I noticed a neighbor had just put a Little Tike's swing set out by their curb. I quickly unloaded the groceries while my husband walked down to ask the neighbor if he would mind us taking it off of his hands . . . and sure enough he was more than happy to see it leave! So I began my week of re-purposing and upcycling with the simple task of soaping and washing down a new play-set for my little guy. The swing straps were pretty muddy but nothing that a washer full of Oxy-Clean can't cure. Speaking of which . . . my new must-have product is Resolve All Stains. I am slathering that on the swing straps as soon as I finish this post. It has been a go-to product for cleaning up some of the less perfect thrifted shirts (as well as some awesome stains the family has pulled off obtaining)! 

The icing on the cake however, was when I was flipping through the Toys 'R Us ad tonight and saw that they had the exact same swing set advertised on sale for $111.99. What an unbelievably pleasing thrifty weekend! :) 

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