Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Re-finished Chest: From Old to Bold

So the project I was hoping to finish by Saturday morning did not get finished until today but that is okay. We've been dealing with a cold that started with my little one and has now decided to attack me as well. (At least it was an excuse to spend all day today in our lounge pants on the couch . . . I love having a cuddle buddy here with me)!

In any case, I did take the time this morning to finally put the finishing touches on this project so that I could finally share it!

My husband and I are using hand me down furniture in our bedroom, and if you've been following me you know we are living on a dime while I am staying home with our little one. However, I thought perhaps I might be able to create a nice bedroom set for us using what we already have. This whole project cost me about $5.00. The color was done with 1 sample can from home depot and I used just a smidgen of my white paint for the inside of the chest! 

We use the chest to hold our extra blankets and sheets since our house doesn't have a linen closet. So much brighter looking now! I finally love this piece. (Thank you to my wonderful mom for passing it down to me . . . and for all the furniture she continues to pass my way)! 

So I am sure you have figured out that one of my big projects for fall is to re-vamp our bedroom! We had painted in a rush when we bought the house in an attempt to get everything done before the floors were re-finished. It was just too dark and to be honest, the current color feels too much like a doctor's office color to me. I guess because it resembles some of those greenish scrubs you see so much of the time. I am going to try to get our room completely tied together for as cheap as possible. My goal is $80 or less. Stay tuned to see progress . . . don't forget . . . it takes me a while as I usually only get 1-2 hours a day for working on hobby items. 

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