Thursday, March 14, 2013

Small Bathroom Storage Solution

Last week as I was brushing my teeth at midnight, I looked up for a second at the bathroom wall cabinet and realized that it was beginning to break apart. The back was literally separating from the rest of the cabinet! Yikes!

As my husband unhappily removed the cabinet (at 12:30 at night), I was hiding my excitement. I hated how big and bulky the cabinet was. I already had ideas whirling through my head with what to do with the open space.

I patched the holes the next day and while I was working I decided that shelving would be the way to go, it would be thrifty and still keep the space looking open. I found the perfect shelves and brackets at Menards. I topped them off with some thrift store Mason jars and thrift store baskets. I never buy baskets anywhere else . . . there is a HUGE supply of baskets every time I go to the thrift store! 

Standing over the toilet to work also go me thinking about all the unused space that exists around the toilet and above it. Hmmmmm. And suddenly we were off to Menards for some wood! We began by building a skinny shelving unit for one side of the toilet out of 1x8s.

We then attached a 1x8 across the top of the unit and attached another 1x8 as a leg for the other side of the toilet. However, when we went to place this around the toilet there wasn't enough clearance for the handle. My husband appointed me to make a cut to the side of the shelving unit since I am queen of the jigsaw! It is my favorite power tool! Once the cut was made everything fit like a glove.

I then attached some trim and painted the whole thing black to match the vanity cabinet. I followed up with some varnish and it was all set. Adorable dollar store bins were the perfect size for the shelves too!

The final touch was to sew a skinny runner for the shelf above the toilet. 

Now our bathroom is perfect! We managed to add more storage space while also making the bathroom feel more open. And it all cost less then the price of a new wall cabinet. That is what I call a successful project! 

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