Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Congrats to the Stanley Cup Champs!

Something that you will probably learn about me over time . . . we are huge Chicago Blackhawks fans! So when game 6 of the playoffs was going to land on my husband's birthday I knew I wanted to look great to celebrate while still rooting for my favorite team! And I had just the stuff in my closet to make that happen.

A 99 cent thrifted Blackhawk tank, a $3 Old Navy tank top, and a black jersey skirt.

This project would've been even easier if I had wanted to keep just the spaghetti strap tank and eliminate the white tank but I hate having my bra straps showing and prefer more coverage so I needed a way to transfer the logo to the white tank. 

I used my circle guide to measure how big of a circle was needed to cut out the logo. I cut about a half inch to an inch bigger than this measurement. 

I cut out a cardboard circle in the size I had originally measured around the logo. I laid it in the middle of my circle and then began to loosely thread around the outside. 

I continued all the way around until I reached the starting point and than pulled it all tight around the cardboard circle.

Then I folded the cardboard and pulled it out. 

This left me with a nearly perfect circle. I tried on the white tank top in order to position the circle in the middle. I used pins to secure and fix up the circle. I also used a fabric pencil to mark the area where I wanted the shirt to end and dress bottom to begin.

I then removed the shirt and sewed on the logo. 

I then cut the shirt where my mark was using my rotary cutter and mat to be sure it would be straight.

I then turned the tank top inside out and used a zig zag stitch to attach the top to the skirt. 

Finally I took the bottom part of the red tank and created a band for around the waist. To spruce up the bottom I added a logo that I took from the arm of a previously upcycled too small jersey. And my dress was complete in about an hour and a half. 

Apparently my dress was lucky, since they won the cup Monday night! My husband had a great birthday and we had a great time celebrating! Goes to show, you can make something great out of the things you don't think you are going to wear anymore . . . on to find more disregarded clothes.

Happy sewing!
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