Monday, April 16, 2012

The Journey to Beautiful Flowers . . . Overcoming the Fabric Circle Obstacle

This week I decided to embark on a new adventure . . . fabric flowers! I am needing to create some really beautiful flower headbands for photography props so I decided to journey into the world of crafting fabric flowers. I started off with some easy burned edge satin flowers and then found a great tutorial for some more involved cotton fabric flowers ( All of the flowers I was making were turning out wonderfully but the one hiccup on the road was the cutting of circles! I could not cut a round circle to save my life. Granted, the circles for the burned flowers did not need to be perfect but the circles for the cotton flowers needed to be a little more precise. As I sat there on the floor, my son swimming amongst piles of cotton and some very poorly mis-shapen circles, it hit me!

How to Cut a Close to Perfect Fabric Circle

1. Cut fabric into fairly perfect squares.

2. Fold fabric in half. 

3. Fold fabric in half once more, your main square will now be in quarters. 

4. Repeat this with all of your pieces. Then stack these a few high. (I found that 3 high still allowed for smooth cutting). 

5. Cut from the edges which are folded to the other folded edges in a cone shape (i.e. corner to corner with an arc shape between). 

6. Unfold your cone and you will have a nearly perfect circle! :)

I know this is a simple tip for now but I will come up with more as I work more this week. I will be working on some tutus this week so I am sure I will come up with some tips and how-tos as I tackle the process! 

Happy Crafting!

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