Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let Me Introduce Myself . . . The Crafting Mommy

I am a stay at home mom that loves to craft! In fact, I am in the midst of turning my love of crafting into a business. When I found out I was expecting I knew that I would have a hard time leaving my baby to return to work. When my son was born in September I knew I had made the right decision, I cannot stand being apart him even for a few hours! Even on the worst of days I would rather be roughing it with him then anywhere else in the world. So I left the world of Marketing behind and began to brainstorm how I could possibly help my husband make ends meet while at home with our little guy. As I sat amongst the piles of crafting supplies I have acquired through out the years it hit me . . . why not create wonderful items for other people! After all, I had a blast creating a ton of special items for my son while I was expecting. Most of his room consists of handmade or upcycled items, all made with love by mom. So why not throw that love into items for other families' loved ones. And so my little shop, Seams Sew Precious Boutique, was born! I began by sewing and embroidering a diaper cloth to use as a burp cloth for my son . . . 6 hours later I was in labor! Now, 7 months later I am all over the place. I love to create for babies and pets, and I have since started creating accessories for the home. I also dabble in creating jewelry and am so excited to be embarking on a new adventure creating photo props for a wonderful photographer!

I am a crafter who loves to be outside of my comfort zone. I will attempt any project if it is something I really want to accomplish. Before my venture I hadn't touched a sewing machine since 8th grade sewing class but I found it was like riding a bicycle. Now I sit at the machine at least once a day. It has made for some grand adventures (and some hiccups as well) which is why I wanted to start a blog. Perhaps I may be able to help you along on a project, maybe I will inspire your own ideas, or at the very least, I hope to make you smile and chuckle at a few of the adventures along the way! Pin It

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