Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adventures with a Treadle Sewing Machine: Make That Machines!

It's been a busy week with refinishing in our house and not all of the projects went well. As promised . . . I was sharing the ups and downs of the White Treadle Sewing Machine fix-up and right now, it is mostly downs. We applied 2 coats of stain but the beat up wood was not taking to it nicely. The top was completely splotchy and not at all what I had hoped it would be.

The wood just looks sad. But I am still so in love with this beautiful cabinet.

One thing you must learn . . . I refuse to quit until I get what I want. So I will continue to work until I achieve what I have pictured in my mind. My husband and I have decided that this will be our biggest project yet . . . we are actually going to re-veneer the entire top of the table. Therefore, this cabinet will be put to the side until the new year. I will need to make some money before I can purchase the wood veneer and there are a few other projects that are taking priority. I will continue to clean and prep the sewing machine head in the meantime. 

It is not all bad news though. My husband surprised me this week by purchasing a stunning Singer 15-30 with Tiffany decals as an early birthday present. The cabinet and the machine are in fabulous condition. The only flaw in the cabinet is that it is missing it's lid (eh . . . it's too pretty for me to care . . . I am just going to sew a beautiful dust cover for the machine) and the machine just needs a little bit of cleaning and polish. 

I am so in love with this beauty! And my amazing husband for allowing me to own 2 stunning pieces of history! I was dying to treadle and I was sooo disappointed when we realized how much longer it would be until the White would be up and running. I should now be treadling by Sunday night! 

I am going to get back to cleaning the machine head before bedtime! I will share pictures of how pretty it looks all cleaned up. I also am wrapping up another furniture makeover which I hope to have completed by Saturday morning! 
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  1. The Tiffany pattern is one of my favorites. I have a rare singer 115 with this pattern which is Singer 15 body with a rotary hook down below instead of an oscillatory hook like most other vintage singer machines. All US made Singer 115s use this decal set, but not all machines that use this decal set are 115s! The only way to know for sure is to look at the mechanism below decks.

    The Singer 15 was built from the 1890s through to the early 50's with few changes. The Class 15 bobbins and the universal 15x1 needles used today both originated with this machine.

    Have fun with your machine.

  2. Once again, wonderful information! :) As you can tell, I am still new to the world of treadles but I must say I am head over heels in love. I finally got to sew on this machine last night and I must say . . . it was just so relaxing and rewarding. Even better was when I caught my husband standing behind me watching with pure fascination! Perhaps now he doesn't mind the addiction so much.

    Thank you again for sharing your wonderful insight with me!

  3. Is this a Singer 15? My first treadle (and still my favorite) is a Singer 15 that has most of her paint worn off and the decals are silvered. Hey, you left me a message on my blog, but, you are a no-reply blogger, and don't have an email on your blog (I don't facebook). Please contact me so that I can reply to your messages. Thanks.