Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Well, we survived the first birthday party . . . I shouldn't say survived. The party was a hit! I was so happy with how it turned out. The kids had a blast and that was all that mattered to me!

I wanted to write a quick post thanking everyone for their patience as I dealt with planning what I considered to be the perfect 1st birthday party for my son!

I was hoping to blog the week before the party but we had to deal with more than just the stress of prepping for the party. Unfortunately, the weekend before the party our beloved dog passed. It made it tough to stay motivated but I was grateful for the distraction of the party. However, now that the party is over I am finding it difficult to deal with the loss. Our home will never feel the same again.

I had adopted my dog in August, 9 years ago. He even went to college with me! He was also the inspiration for the dog bandanas that were among the first items I offered in my store. He was always wiggling out of the regular bandanas so I used his own size and collar as the basis for my pattern. I will think of him every time I craft a bandana!

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