Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Sewing Chair

I have been looking for a new sewing chair since Mother's Day when my husband and son gave me a great new sewing table that closes into a console table! It was so pretty that I knew I needed something equally pretty to sit next to it when it is closed up. And I was getting pretty tired of sewing while sitting on an ottoman! 

Well . . . I finally stumbled upon a beautiful (yet horribly dirty) chair at the thrift store for $8.99! Could it get any better?

As soon as I got it home I quickly got to work! I unscrewed the seat and began ripping off the fabric! I also cleaned up all the gross stains that were all over the wood and slathered on a coat of primer.

(The little rocking chair in the background was a steal at $5.00 that I could not pass up! It will be featured later. I am sure I was quite the sight pushing a stroller and juggling 2 chairs and a plant stand on that trip.)

Back to this chair. I followed up primer with a light sanding to smooth it out and began applying a nice off -white paint. While this dried I recovered the cushion (luckily the padding was all still in great shape so it was simply a matter stapling new fabric on)!

I was going to call it quits at this but I thought the top design was just so unique that I wanted to make the detailing pop . . . so I grabbed my living room's ceiling paint and carefully painted in the details on the chair! 

The chair then got 3 coats of varnish, the seat re-applied and it was all set! I have already used it a bunch while sewing. Much more comfortable than that darn ottoman and so much cuter too . . . wouldn't you agree?!

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